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A modern, clean, essential design makes Jamais Sans Toi’s jewels unique and recognizable. The common element of their collections is the ball, symbol of wholeness and infinity. Every piece is a precise study between colour and volume. The attention for detail for every creation determines its refinement.

PRECIOUS DETAILS Gold and platinum decorations are created by applying a coat of special glaze, containing the precious metals, onto the ceramic creations and then putting them into the oven for the third time.

IRIDESCENT REFLECTIONS Glaze is a special coating for ceramics, applied with on the ceramic surface. Objects are then ready to be put into the oven for the third time at a temperature of 700°, thus attaining beautiful shiny reflections.

FOR YOUR OWN AND THE PLANET’S HEALTH Jamais Sans Toi uses only non-lead vitreous coatings in order not to pollute the planet, the same as is commonly used for plates and cutlery. Leather laces are treated according to the EU rules and are 100% free from AZO and heavy metals. This certification also guarantees that the colours used are non-toxic.

ORIGINAL PRODUCT Every jewel comes in a package with the guarantee certificate of originality of the product handcrafted and unique!

Our creations are made of ceramic, hand thrown white pottery, put in the oven at 950°, varnished and put in the oven again. Starting from an exclusive design, our jewels are hand made in our labs, therefore every jewel is a unique piece, with leather strings and modelled with metals. Every imperfection is the proof of its uniqueness and its handcrafted process.


Costellazione (2011)
Constellations are the memory of the past. Our constellations are a set of hollow balls creating relationships between themselves thanks to a special fastening which allows you to wear the same necklace in different ways, according to your look and style.

DNA (2012)
The DNA collection is inspired by its double stranded structure. Small twisted balls recall the sequential layout of the genetic structure of every human being. The DNA necklace may be worn as a simple necklace, as a two string necklace or as a long one.

IHO e AKA (2013)
Iho means soul, along with nucleus, centre, heart, happiness, joy, growth. IHO and AKA are magical Russian doll sound necklaces. They may be worn closed, open and as a choker.

Pantou (2015)

From the Greek word “ The WHOLE” .

A simple big sphere. The whole.

Hermit (2014)
Inspired by the ocean, Hermit Crab evokes that which one wants to protect. The ceramic elements that make up the jewels are all mobile.

Isolario (2013)
From the Latin word insŭla «island», the Isolario is a set of many different circular elements which recall the poetic images of water circles, drawn together in an harmonious composition creating light movements and watery sound effects.

Aiora (2013)
In ancient Greek this means “swing”. Swing as a game, a game which generates joy, joy expressed in a jewel.

Lille (2012)
Composed by a hundred hollow balls, LILLE is a ceramic necklace; designed, made and exhibited in art galleries. It may be worn as a simple necklace, as a two-string necklace or as a long one.

Fluid Creatures (2013)
Another collection for which the artist models fluid creatures changing shape between the sweetness of anthropomorphic elements and the anxiety coming from the impact/melting effect.

Creatures (2014)
Inspired by the sculpture installation ‘FINDS’, the artist Daniele Accossato, in collaboration with Jamais Sans Toi, created the jewellery line CREATURES. Archaeological urban discoveries, of undetermined times, registered and put into shrines that seem to belong to Natural History Museums. Grotesque farce and game melt into the disturbing aesthetics of the object.

Aster (2015)


Talantò (2015)