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In 2012 Camilla and Valentina Gallo decide to unite their passions, tastes and complementary talents in a unique project: Jamais Sans Toi.
 Camilla Gallo is the designer. She is an actress and a dubbing actress; she attends courses to specialize in goldsmiths’ art and is passionate about jewellery design and contemporary accessories.

Valentina Gallo has always followed her talent for the modelling of matter. She attended and graduated at the Art Academy of Turin, then specialised in restoration at the Maria Luisa Rossi School.

Theirs paths crossed, and connected naturally, completing one another and giving birth to Jamais Sans Toi, a contemporary jewellery laboratory. The brand name is inspired by the motto of Chiomonte, from where both Camilla and Valentina originate, right next to Val di Susa.

The coat of arms of the city represents a sun illuminating two bunches of grapes, above which is written “Jamais Sans Toi”, literally “Never without you” in ancient Occitan dialect.

Sun and grapes, these ancient elements have inspired the identification of the ball as a shape full of meaning, as an inspirational model for all the creations of JST: complex modular compositions, diligently handcrafted throughout the process of artistic ceramics. The matter, i.e. clay, is the common field of knowledge, place of evolution and constant research. 
Jamais Sans Toi unites competence and sensitivity for matter modelled in several different, ancient ways. From the meeting of these elements a modern, clean, essential design makes Jamais Sans Toi’s jewellery collections unique and recognizable. Every piece is a precise study between colour and volume. The attention for detail for every creation determines the perception of preciousness, lightness and versatility.


Every day, in their laboratory, Camilla and Valentina think about and study new projects for the design of their jewels, as well as studying to transform selected materials by sophisticated techniques of craftsmanship.

This is how Jamais Sans Toi creations are born, designed to be light and versatile, they may be worn in different ways, according to your personal style.

Jamais Sans Toi creates its ceramic jewels using ancient methods of clay modelling.

Selected for its particular energetic quality, white clay is the element Jamais Sans Toi uses for its handmade jewels.

When the objects come out of the oven for the first time, the terracotta is varnished with a special lead-free paint.

Put into the oven again, this gives a bright layer, that which is usually called ceramic.

The ceramic pieces are then threaded onto azo-free leather strings or put onto metal bases. These are all certified and treated in a natural way.

Day after day, Camilla and Valentina renew their original language, made of earth and colours, by opening the ceramic to new materials such as leather and metals, thus creating alchemic combinations and poetic layers.

Thanks to their exclusive method, the making of every Jamais Sans Toi jewel becomes a complex and unique act of creation, archaic and contemporary at the same time.